PS -12260 NB

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Power Sonic sealed lead acid batteries are high quality rechargeable power sources that can be used in a wide variety of devices. These batteries use Absorbent Glass Mat technology, which allows them to store and disperse energy with incredible efficiency. Safety features for the Power Sonic line include valve regulation which prevents overheating and keeps the liquid chemistry spill proof, allowing the battery to be mounted in any position required. The body of the battery is constructed from highly impact resistant ABS Plastic which can take a beating while keeping the precious contents safe from harm. Whether replacing an old SLA battery or adding to an invention of your own, the Power Sonic line of sealed lead acid batteries are a fantastic choice for your energy needs.


  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Capacity: 26.0 Ah
  • Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Dimensions: Length 6.56″(167mm) x Width 6.97″(177mm) x Height 4.92″(125mm) / Height Over Terminal 4.92″(125mm)
  • Weight: 17.0 lbs(7.71 kgs)
  • Termination: NB (Nut and Bolt Terminals)

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