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متوفر في المخزون

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VARTA motorcycle battery YB30L-B

This VARTA Funstart engine battery with Freshpack is a powerful battery that lasts a long time and can be installed easily and cost-effectively. You get reliable starting power from the very first rotation, time and time again. And if you really put the battery to the test under very demanding conditions, it will continue to perform exceptionally well. Moreover, the series with 41 models covers all types of powersport, so there is always a type of Powersports Freshpack that can get the job done. Dry charged battery delivered in Freshpack version (with a bottle of battery acid) Leak-free and tilt resistant (upright mount only)


  • Description VARTA Freshpack YB30L-B
  • Short code YB30L-B
  • Bar code 4016987141328
  • Dimensions 168x132x176
  • Nom cap 12V 30Ah
  • Cold Cranking 300 AND
  • Pallet 48

معلومات إضافية


فارتا, فارتا


30AH, 30AH


12V, 12V


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