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Battery Varta Blue Dynamic F6 of 88Ah 12V 640A

Starter battery car Varta F6

The Battery Varta F6 series Blue Dynamic has a capacity of 88Ah with a starting power of 640A. This is a starting battery and is used in all types of vehicles.

Specifications of the F6

Brand – Varta
Reference – F6
Volt – 12 V
Capacity – 88 Ah
Boot – 640 To

Batteries Varta

Battery Varta F6 belongs to the range of batteries VARTA Blue Dynamic, designed for starting vehicles. Deliver superior performance and exceptional for the requirements of more demanding energy of passenger cars.

The range Blue Dynamic offers extra power to boot, up to 110% of cold start with respect to other batteries of the same type, which conveys reliability and peace of mind in their use. It also provides a high-performance constant over longer periods of time. VARTA® Blue Dynamic is designed for all vehicles with standard equipment without Start-Stop functionality.

Incorporate the technology grid PowerFrame® with which you get maximum cranking power, a fast reload and better resistance to the corrosion, lengthens its useful life.

Battery Varta Blue Dynamic maintenance-free.

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